Wireless Key Control

Wireless Key Control

Access Control Products for Greensboro, NC

More and more businesses are going wireless. Many are ditching keys to enter or lock up their facility, and are using wireless control panels instead. This makes it easier and faster for employees to enter or lock up the building or a certain room with the touch of a few buttons. We can install an access control system in your office, that’s battery operated and involves no wiring whatsoever. It’s easy to install and even easier to use! We can even supply your personnel with security system key fobs. 

Access Control Greensboro, NC

Commercial Wireless Key Controls

For commercial purposes, we also offer CO-100 and CO-200 electronic locks. You’ll often see these at offices or warehouses where employees will have to input a special code to enter the building or a specific room. You can also see who requested access to gain entry to the building. It’s an investment many offices should have! 

To learn more about our wireless key control products, call us at 336-252-4839.

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